7 ways to clean up your dirty little secret

as mentioned before, we have a dirty little secret and yes it’s our house.  Want to see it – here it is (->) our dirty little secret – the real reason we created wiggles & whimsy (insert ashamed face).  I vowed that July would be the month that I would clean up that dirty little secret and I want to share with you my plan for decluttering the kid zones/disaster areas in our home.  #1 – a clean floor is a happy mom (I mean floor)

first of all, if you haven’t learned the verbage of all good moms, it goes like this, “if you don’t pick these toys up off the floor, they are all going in the trash!!”  Truth be told, they don’t.  But maybe some should.

so here is my technique.  Everyday, after a more loving reminder of, “please pick up your toys and put them away, so nobody steps on them and gets hurt.”  I have warned and I now feel I have the right to donate some of the excess, because if nobody cares enough to pick up toys and treat them with love, well then, we probably don’t need them, because I think there is another child that will love them and that is okay, in fact it’s a good thing.

sometimes, it’s a little hard for me to declutter and say goodbye, so I have two techniques that help.

FIRST – I get out a broom and sweep all the clutter on the floor into a pile.  One pile seems a little more manageable than the whole room.  Also the act of sweeping, makes it a little less sentimental, a little easier on my back (no joke – learned this trick when I was pregnant and I felt I deserved a trophy each time I bent over to pick something up) and it allows me to see what we have all together.  Which goes along with the next technique.

SECOND – DON’T TOUCH!!  I read this great article (->) the biggest decluttering mistake you don’t know you’re making and I loved it.  If you make decisions about what to get rid before you touch anything, you are more likely to actually part with it.  The act of touching turns on all those sentimental feelings and then it is harder to part with the clutter!

So, I have been decluttering the floors daily and daily we are purging more AND finding a cleaner, simpler and more zen-like home 🙂

How do you clean the clutter off your floors?  How do you avoid the rush of sentimental feelings when cleaning?

PS – some amazon affiliate links to Joshua Becker’s books that have helped inspire me to declutter, well and some brooms, you get the picture, start sweeping up that clutter 😉

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